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Survive and Thrive in your relationship.

  • Rob Hirschhorn is a wonderful couples coach! Rob showed my fiance and I how to use Nonviolent Communication skills to eliminate "prison words" from our relationship and to grow stronger as a couple. We are now able to communicate in an empathic, understanding way that allows for a win-win in all areas of the relationship.  Wise, empathetic and compassionate, Rob is a stellar coach at the top of his game. Most highly recommended!
          Kimberly D., Kentucky
  • My wife and I reached out to Rob after 3 years of marriage, when we noticed the same recurring arguments and problems coming up. Rob introduced us to Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and over several months we went about learning and applying NVC techniques to all aspects of our lives. In addition, Rob has an endless "toolbox" of additional techniques that he introduces seamlessly into our sessions. He communicates very well, listens attentively, and provides valuable insight into our feelings, emotions and actions. Our marriage, and even our lives, have improved dramatically from Rob's guidance and coaching. 
           Will & Carmen, Texas
  • During a very difficult time in our relationship, and a time of separation, Rob put together a coaching plan to meet with us individually and as a couple. Each session with Rob revealed new insights and observations that allowed us to really understand each other as a couple and as individuals. Using Nonviolent Communication, we learned to communicate openly what was most important for both of us, and we decided to continue our relationship. Thanks to Rob's guidance, today we are married, have two baby girls, and are happier than we have ever been! We often refer to our sessions with Rob and realize that if we had not found someone as talented as him, it is likely we never would have worked through our issues and would not be together today. We highly recommend Rob's couples coaching!
           Joe and Anne, Los Angeles
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