Learn to communicate so that you
Survive and Thrive in your relationship.

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a way of speaking compassionately to share needs and feelings and to resolve differences peacefully. It focuses on empathy as our motivation, rather than fear, guilt, blame or shame. NVC encourages couples to use language that increases connection and goodwill. Taking personal responsibility is a key goal of this process. Mr. Hirschhorn has extensive experience in teaching couples to use NVC to transform their relationships.
Mr. Hirschhorn is a certified facilitator for Prepare/Enrich, a scientifically validated couples' assessment tool. Prepare/Enrich is an online survey that you take with your partner to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your premarital or married relationship. It is a sophisticated instrument that must be interpreted by a trained facilitator.
Please see this wonderful YOUTUBE video made by Prepare/Enrich: Click HERE!
Breaking limiting patterns of thought and speech are critical to creating new, healthier, happier ways of being in a relationship. Mr. Hirschhorn specializes in helping couples release negative "Prison Words" from their vocabulary and move into habits of
"Life Affirming Language" instead. This frees their minds from powerful self-limitations. Once opened to new ideas, couples can create many more choices and make better decisions as a team.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a fast, simple and powerful method of reducing negative emotions. Mr. Hirschhorn teaches couples how to use this "psychological acupressure" on themselves, to get rid of emotional baggage that is getting in the way of them connecting with their partner. The following YOUTUBE video will give you an idea of how EFT can reduce angry feelings toward your partner. Please click HERE.

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