Rob Hirschhorn, M.A., LMFT, M.B.A, is a  highly skilled coach and a licensed therapist. He has over 20 years of experience helping clients transform their close relationships into happier, more fulfilling ones. 

Mr. Hirschhorn uses a positive approach to develop mutual trust within each couple and to teach them powerful communication skills. This approach empowers the couple to address and resolve difficult issues without conflict.

Mr. Hirschhorn decided to specialize in coaching couples after noticing a pervasive pattern over the years; many exhausted couples would come to him after having been to three or four other therapists whose style was for the couples to "duke it out" each session. This common approach left the couples burned out and very frustrated when bringing up their important issues in session.

There was a clear need for a different approach and Mr. Hirschhorn has filled this gap. First of all, rather than "therapizing" and analyzing his clients, he coaches them. He gently and lovingly guides each couple using "baby steps" to develop new communication skills, a desire to truly understand each other's needs and feelings, and weekly practice designed to build trust and competence with these new skills.

If one or both partners have built up anger or resentment which is getting in the way of this process, he teaches them a technique to efficiently let go of these feelings, so they can move ahead in their relationship.

After couples have reached a level of proficiency with their improved communication skills, Mr. Hirschhorn coaches them to solve their own problems using a unique "brain storming" model he has developed. This model allows couples to create shared "strategies" that get both of their needs meet, using a win-win approach.

If a couple desires, Mr. Hirschhorn is also certified to help them identify key areas of their relationship that are opportunities for growth, using a scientifically validated assessment tool. Mr. Hirschhorn has specific exercises for each area of challenge which will develop more goal alignment, less stress, and more harmony in each couple.

One of Mr. Hirschhorn's great joys is  watching his couples grow week by week into a closely connected, loving team, who are willing and able to share what is really "alive" in them, without conflict, and often with profound results.


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